The story

Data and Cloud: Two different sides of a coin

Data and the cloud are often seen as two different things, but actually they are not. More often than not, they are two different sides of the same coin. They have similar characteristics, but when you look at them more closely, each has its own focus and details, but they're not always exclusive. That's why it's so important to approach them as such. We know this, we live it and we teach it. We are platform builders. Instead of building abstract models and/or pilots or test cases, we help you implement your production-ready data and cloud solutions 

Development It is all about the connection. (Dev)
Development has long ceased to be about monolithic applications or databases . Nowadays it is a series of (micro)services, event and/or message driven, big data storage, containers, interfaces, services, etc. This type of development requires a different approach. Not only object-oriented, but much more. Development revolves around creativity, analytical skills, continuous learning, passion and fun and interaction with each other.

Security It starts with awareness of the connection and its importance. (Sec)
Automation has brought us a lot. Nowadays, when you check in your code, it automatically goes to production after a number of automatic checks and balances. Development is a collection of scripts, packages, tools and code. More often than not also from third parties which are updated automatically. But is this update always an upgrade? What if a vulnerability has sneaked into this package or code? How do you make sure this part is also secure?

Operations The connection is the key to success. (Ops)
With the increased complexity of development it’s also necessary to have a much better understanding of how to keep your Data & Cloud operational and how everything fits together. It was Werner Vogel in 2006 that said: ‘You build it, you run it’. Ultimately, it comes down to the fact that many disciplines have started to interact much more and perform overlapping activities. IT is only successful trough understanding and strong connections.

The Story
Connections are the key(s). Key to data, key to cloud and all these previous mentioned statements about Dev-Sec-Ops. We believe in this story. The story that connections are key for Data and Cloud solutions, be it digital or human.

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